Strengthen research and innovation capacity for grazing livestock meat production in Bulgaria through advanced knowledge transfer

“GREENANIMO” – Project No Д 01-287/07.10. 2020

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Funded by National program “European scientific networks”, Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria

The aim of the project GREENANIMO is to enhance the S&T capacity of Trakia University and deliver research and innovation in grazing livestock meat production businesses. The project plans to strengthen significantly and further develop grazing livestock research in Bulgaria, as well as to enhance the S&T capacity of the three partner institutions and raise the research profile of Trakia University and its staff through a transfer of skills and knowledge.

In the context of the H2020 strategy, the objectives of GREENANIMO are to:

  • Identify research gaps in the field of grazing livestock as well as emerging technologies and advocate the resulting scientific research agenda – both at a scientific and policy level.
  • Provide a framework for developing livestock research capacity and expertise, focusing efforts to EU strategic priorities and areas of competitive advantage and ensuring effective technology transfer and communication with the entire farming community.
  • Provide a framework for knowledge generation and dissemination among farmers and all relevant stakeholders.

The functional objectives are:

  • Implementation of technical and practical knowledge on beef and sheep farming systems with regard to animal welfare, farm profit, meat production and meat quality.
  • Establishment of ecological (organic) aspects of farming grazing animals and a Network of agro-ecological farms in order to underpin the development of research and researchers in this area.
  • Strengthening the research and innovation capacity in the field of precision feeding practices by using advanced methods to improve feed efficiency.

Enhanced capacity of Trakia University with researchers from INRAE and SRUC will support complementary new S&T target in bio- and meat food research. New ideas and data in sustainable food production using traditional and agro-ecological models in beef and sheep farming is expected to increase Bulgarian capacity in knowledge based meat production and meat quality prediction and evaluation.

WP 1

Strategic framework and capacity – building analysis for grazing livestock research and innovation

WP 3

Dissemination of knowledge and networking

WP 2

Transfer of knowledge and network building for interdisciplinary and problem-driven research

WP 4